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UX Research Consultant

“ITOBUZ TEAM does not just develop Apps, They CREATE EXPERIENCE”

- Sikkim Herald

Our Expertise

Customer Experience is the most important for your business throughout your Sales, Support, Commerce activities. Customers interact with you in every sec or min when they use your applications for your offerings and this happens digitally and automatically. This every interaction is an opportunity for you.

Itobuz’s CX and UX team is focussed to research, innovate and come up with the best User Experience. We have extensive experience creating Customer facing Interfaces across FinTech, Retail, Energy, Logistic, Entertainment, Education E-Commerce verticals. Our approach is consulting and co-creation. We advise our clients in creating<span> UX </span>for a <span>Web application, Mobility, ECommerce, SAAS</span> etc.

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