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Integrate Digital Currencies into Your Business

Itobuz has spent years in the global cryptocurrency app development circuit. We were one of the first adopters of Blockchain Technology in India. Over the years, our cryptocurrency app development company has helped many businesses create feature-rich, user-friendly, and interactive cryptocurrency applications.

We have also helped startups integrate popular cryptocurrencies into their payment ecosystems. If you want to give your business a new, digital dimension, we can help you too! Keep reading to learn how Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, and cryptocurrency exchange app development services can transform your business.

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Cryptocurrency App Development with Itobuz

Itobuz is a world-class cryptocurrency app development company mainly because of one reason: our skilled and experienced workforce. Our team of crypto developers possesses in- depth knowledge of innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. They facilitate the seamless and automated implementation of these technologies for businesses of all sizes.




Whether you run a small-scale eCommerce site or a large-scale physical store, our cryptocurrency app development services can transform the way you conduct business. Here’s how.


Investing in cryptocurrency exchange app development means opening up your business to global monetary transactions. Cryptocurrency is a technology that allows users to conduct “permission-free” transactions.

That means, your “crypto-fied” business can receive online payments from anywhere in the world, without intermediaries like credit card companies. Cryptography will keep your transactions 100% secure. You will not have to pay fees or obtain permission to receive or send money.

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Bitcoin is the world’s first digital currency. But, it is not the last. Your business to can launch its very own decentralized digital currency. Building your own cryptocurrency comes with various benefits like reduced transaction fees, improved security, improved confidentiality, and instant settlements of transactions.

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Leverage decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies to boost your brand scalability. We can help you create customized cryptocurrency software that allows your workforce to tap into the latest Blockchain technologies.

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We can create customized crypto wallets for your business. These wallets are capable of storing multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and more.

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Do you wish to mine your own Bitcoin or Ethereum? Our cryptocurrency app development experts can guide you on how to mine, store, trade, or stake all types of crypto coins. Once you mine your own crypto coins, they will get verified and will be automatically added to the public crypto ledgers of your choice.

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Imagine creating an app that does not need to be controlled once it is launched. Sounds intriguing, right? These types of apps are called “decentralized apps.”

As the name suggests, these apps are not controlled by centralized authorities. Instead, they are secured and controlled on public blockchains. In a world where every other business is launching its own app, building secure and permission-free decentralized applications can set your brand apart!

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Just like decentralized apps, DeFi, i.e., Decentralized Finance solutions allow businesses to scale their operations on a massive scale. From hosting fundraising campaigns to launching Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), there are countless functionalities that DeFi solutions can add to your brand. We can build end-to-end DeFi solutions on some of the most popular public blockchains.

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Still not 100% convinced about the benefits of crypto for your business? No problem! In fact, Itobuz encourages more business leaders to first learn how cryptocurrency can fit into their existing business models. That is why we offer in-depth Cryptocurrency Consultation on a variety of topics.

Learn all about crypto apps, coin mining, DeFi apps, Blockchain development, and more. Leverage our years of research into cryptocurrency app development services to make the right decision for your business.

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Why Choose Itobuz as Your Cryptocurrency App Development Company?

At Itobuz, we are well aware of the risks that come with mixing finance and technology. That is why developing hack-proof crypto platforms for both iOS and Android has always been our priority.

We will ensure that your company’s real-time exchanges of cryptocurrencies are secure and 100% compliant with local and international regulations. You can also expect your custom crypto app or platform to have the following useful features:

•Ease of managing your investments •Automated addition or deletion of funds as and when they enter/leave your crypto platform •Ease of transferring funds across multiple blockchains and crypto protocols•Ability to track and review your transaction history •User-friendly dashboard with easy log-in and sign-up features •Multi-layer security features and protocols•User-friendly and responsive interface that guarantees ease of communication


Share your crypto ideas, dreams, and aspirations with our crypto experts.

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Feasibility Studies

We will brainstorm your ideas with the aim of translating them into realistic, executable crypto strategies.

Requirements Analysis

Why does your business need crypto? What functional and technical tasks do we have to undertake to address these needs? These are the types of questions we will answer in this stage.

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Before cryptocurrency app development starts, we will estimate the amount of resources and time our workforce needs to execute the project.

Proof of Concept

Get basic proof of concept designs from our crypto developers. In this stage, you will get to see whether the basic, non-functional crypto app prototypes we create are in-line with your crypto goals.

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Prototype Design

Now is the time to launch a more realistic and functional prototype of your company’s crypto app.

Design and Code Review

Our cryptographers will lock in the code for your app in this stage.

UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design team will ensure that your crypto app looks and feels good on both iOS/Android platforms.

Development and Testing

Once your crypto app solutions are ready, our engineers will verify their ease-of-use, efficiency, and all other features by performing a variety of tests.

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Deployment and Maintenance

Once your crypto app is launched, we will provide constant support, regular updates, and other maintenance services to ensure that your cryptocurrency solutions are working as intended.

Why Choose Itobuz for Cryptocurrency App Development?

As one of the original adapters of Blockchain technology in the tech sector, Itobuz has a special role to play in helping more businesses explore this incredible technology. To fulfill this role, we need your help. We encourage you to explore our dependable, secure, and functional crypto solutions. Contact us now to have all of your crypto queries answered by our experts!

The challenges

Cryptocurrency arguably the future mode of Transaction. It has a great potentiality to overturn the traditional currency system. This has made visionaries and business people launch new crypto coins and tradings are being on popular exchanges. People are very keen to invest in these currencies, but they did not have enough information and knowledge to make a smart investment decision. As many new cryptocurrencies are being launched frequently and the numbers are increasing, It has been difficult to keep track of all of them from different sources

Our Approach

Itobuz’s blockchain and cryptocurrency strategists discussed researched to understand the kind of information a common investor looks for about any currency, the industry trends etc. After discussion with the client, Itobuz proposed and developed a single online platform where users can find updates on currencies real-time via third-party integration into this single platform. This platform provides for currency comparison, notification and much more. The platform processes and organizes the data to give intelligence reports for the users to make a better-informed investment decision.

This soft launch has been helping CryptoKeen users, subscribers, rapidly now and there is huge potentiality to go for full-fledged.

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