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Itobuz is your one-stop destination for on demand app development services. If you are running a business that provides on-demand services, we can build ever-evolving, on-demand app solutions that address your business objectives in a consistent manner. Our on-demand app development team has years of experience developing customized, end-to-end, and industry-specific apps.

We’ve developed scalable, data-intensive, and on-demand apps for businesses in education, communication, food, and various other industries.

It’s high time to give your business new dimensions and new digital outlets. Share your business objectives with us, and we’ll start planning your brand’s on-demand app strategy today!

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Cutting-Edge On-Demand App Development Solutions

What differentiates a normal on-demand app development company from a great one is its ability to integrate best-in-class features into its on-demand app solutions. The Itobuz on-demand app development team always strives for greatness. We’ll consistently add new features to your on-demand apps to ensure that they maintain their top rankings on the appstores.

In-App Payment Features

Whether you have a taxi-booking company or a small home cleaning firm, a courier delivery service, or a salon: you need to give your customers the ability to pay directly and safely on your mobile app. We’ll ensure that your customized app solution has in-app payments.

Business-Specific Features

In addition to tracking payments, your app solutions will also allow you to do everything you need to optimize your key business functions. For e.g., if you run a delivery service, your on- demand apps will include features like fleet management, real-time delivery tracking, etc.

Social Media Integration

We know how to utilize social connectivity to boost engagement levels on business apps. Your on-demand apps will feature direct links to your company’s social media profiles.

Multi-Language Support

Offer multi-language feature support to increase the pace at which your on-demand business grows. Give app users from across the world the chance to interact with your brand in their preferred languages.

In-App Support

Integrate AI-powered in-app chatbots to collect service or product-related insights from users in a secure manner.

Dashboards and Push Notifications

Your on-demand apps will have easy-to-access admin panels on which users can analyze all of their transactions, track order status, and complete various other business-friendly functions. They’ll also receive push notifications that inform them of upcoming deals, their order status, etc.

Real-Time Analytics

While your end-users enjoy all the intricate functionalities of your on-demand apps, these digital products will automatically collect tons of insightful user data. Mine that data to study your consumers’ buying and browsing behaviors. Use these insights to further expand your on- demand business.

Geo IP Location Tracking

One of the key benefits of investing in on-demand mobile app development services is the ability to track your users. On-demand businesses benefit the most from our IP location tracking features. They finally get to do what the big businesses already do: track all of their key stakeholders in real time.

SEO-Friendly App Development

Adopting an SEO-friendly on-demand mobile app development approach enables us to support our customers’ long-term search visibility goals. We’ll ensure that every aspect of your on-demand apps is designed to boost your brand’s chances of securing high rankings on search engines.

How We Can Build On-Demand App Development Solutions for Your Business

Here’s your roadmap toward receiving customized on-demand app development solutions from Itobuz.


Share your requirements and we’ll start designing custom on-demand app development solutions for those specific business needs.

Feasibility Studies

Let’s brainstorm even more to turn your visions into a realistic, executable plan.

Requirements Analysis

Reiterate the functional and technical qualities you want your apps to have so that we can create well-defined blueprints of the proposed apps.


Before development starts, we’ll estimate the amount of resources and time we’ll need and let you know.

Proof of Concept

Get basic proof of concepts from our developers. Make sure the non-functional prototypes we create are in line with the types of on-demand apps you envisioned.

Prototype Design

We’ll create prototypes that give you a fundamental idea of what your on-demand apps can achieve once they’re launched.

Design and Code Review

Our design team will ensure that the technical code of your apps is suited for their native platforms. We provide solutions for both iOS/Android.

UI/UX Design

Get a clear idea of what your apps will look and feel like for users. We’ll ensure that your UI/UX is super-user-friendly and aligned with your brand goals.

Development and Testing

Once your on-demand app solutions are ready, our team of QA engineers will verify their efficiency by performing platform tests, A/B tests, UI/UX tests, and more.

Deployment and Maintenance

Don’t think that once your apps are deployed, our service ends. Post-deployment, expect constant support and regular updates from our team of experienced developers.

Why Itobuz Deserves to Be Your On-Demand App Development Partner

Teaming up with Itobuz means getting direct and consistent access to highly qualified custom app development experts and UI/UX designers. These professionals are ready to sign non- disclosure agreements, provide high-quality work on time, and offer reliable support, long after your apps are launched. We also have dedicated teams for:

Android App Development

iOS App Development

Progressive Web App development

Cross-Platform App Development

Taxi Booking Apps

Logistics Apps for Businesses

Grocery Apps

Online Food Delivery App

Travel Planning App

Beauty/Wellness Apps

Pet Care Apps

Laundry or Dry-Cleaning Apps

Home Services Apps

Job Portal Apps

Dating Apps

SaaS Apps

Start building high-performance on-demand apps for your business today. Hire skilled developers from Itobuz. We’ll leverage the latest app development technologies to give your business the digital boost it needs. Itobuz has helped numerous industries with on-demand apps like:

Did you find your business or industry on that list? Even if you didn’t, our developers can customize their services to suit your enterprise needs. Contact us now and we’ll start planning your firm’s on-demand app development strategy today!

Project Overview

The USA is among the largest markets for lawn care industry. But there were a lot of hassles for the lawn owners to find a reliable mower. They had to call and fix an appointment, but there was no guarantee of timely show-up and quality work. This US-based entrepreneur wanted to solve this problem and build a business out of this

Our Approach

The client discussed with Itobuz’s product development strategists on how to create an online platform to grab the opportunity of solving the lawn owners issue. After doing a thorough research the team found that until and unless there are a proper verification and rating system, both the mowers and lawn owners won’t find the platform trustworthy. The team created an engaging User Experience(UX) with feedback, rating, payment etc. systems that both the mowers and lawn owners love to engage in converse, hire and get paid via this platform.

The Upside

There was a soft launch of the application which helped them secure a seed funding of $300K. We are currently helping them out to achieve their final form.
The on-demand app development technology is a powerful platform that helps businesses seamlessly fulfill the demands of their customers. Our unique set of solution help businesses to acquire new customers with on-demand mobile solutions for android and iOS.
Itobuz’s range of services includes:

  • ?Food Delivery App
  • ?Car Booking App
  • ?Fitness App
  • ?Health & Nutrition App
  • ?Grocery Delivery App
  • ?Beauty & Salon App
  • ?Laundry App
  • ?City Guide App
  • ?Home Repair App
  • ?Travel Services App
  • ?Courier & Logistics App
  • ? Doctor Appointment App
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Industry : Logistic


“They are bunch of product engineers who think differently. I was overwhelmed by how they translated my idea into product features. They are friendly and reliable.”

Solutions we offer

  • SAAS based On Demand Marketplace Platform

  • E-Commerce/E-Delivery based Application

  • Online Ordering and Delivery System

  • Consulting

  • Analytics

Segments we serve

  • Cab Booking

  • Food Delivery

  • Saloon and Spa

  • Lawn Service

  • On demand professional Service

  • Grocery Delivery