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The challenges

Smart Moving is the US-based well-established Packers and Movers. They had sales, support, logistic, etc department using systems to manage. However, the existing systems were not efficient and many of the processes were manual. There was no real synchronization among the departments due to lack of a centralized system. As a result, the operation was not efficient. So, there was a real need to automate processes and improve efficiency across departments.

Our Approach

Itobuz team carefully analysed existing processes and recommend an integrated single platform with multi- levelled and typed users for all users across departments. Some of the major modules and features are Sales & Opportunity management, Dispatch Management, Support ticketing, Digital Campaign Management, Warehouse management, Accounting, and Analytics & Reporting. The new system improves the efficiency as it helps them to organize, manage and monitor. Besides, they can now interact with the customers via the system and maintain historical data regarding sales and support.

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Industry : Logistic


Testimonial – ” We used to feel our old system and processes were inefficient. However, we did not have any idea where to start with. Itobuz analyzed our existing processes, simplified them and suggested an awesome solution. They divided the implementation into phases such a way that we had a great ease in embracing the new system”

Solutions we offer

  • Freight Forwarders Solution

  • Custom Clearance System

  • Warehouse Management Applications

  • Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • Transportation Management Solutions

  • Analytics

  • ERP

  • Fleet Management Solutions

Segments we cover

  • Logistic Providers

  • Carriers

  • Mail & Expresses