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From consolidating, tracking, auditing, and shipping your inventory to communicating with supply chain operators and end-users: do it all on an integrated platform. Get customized transportation and logistics software development services from Itobuz and streamline your logistical operations.

Our customized transportation software development solutions help sellers, vendors, and all types of businesses optimize each step of their supply chains. They can help you too!

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Transportation and Logistics Software Development Services

Transportation and logistics are two ever-changing industries. If your firm doesn’t respond to these changes in a timely manner, it will be overwhelmed by competition. Logistics software development services from Itobuz are designed to help your firm avoid this fate.

  • Our developers have decades of combined experience building transportation and logistics software solutions that address the needs of companies operating in specific niches.

  • With our custom-designed digital products, you can leverage the latest logistics software solutions and boost your firm’s performance, efficiency, and overall revenue generation capacity.

  • Consolidate your stock, streamline all transportation-related operations, and
    communicate with drivers all on one, unified platform.

  • With our custom-designed digital products, you can leverage the latest logistics software solutions and boost your firm’s performance, efficiency, and overall revenue generation capacity.

  • Our transportation software development pros can help you establish a secure system of transporting and delivering goods so that you can facilitate faster deliveries.

  • Your logistics software solutions will be customized to optimize each stage of your supply chain. This means reducing costs and ensuring high-quality service at every step of your supply chain.

Your Transportation and Logistics Software Development Roadmap

Here’s your roadmap to our logistics and transportation software development services.


We are not in the business of imposing logistics software solutions, we’re in the business of bringing your ideas to life. Your vision will serve as the sole foundation of our development process. Share your requirements and we’ll design a custom software solution for those specific needs.

Feasibility Studies

Our developers will analyze the proposed product, determine its feasibility, and develop more viable product ideas. This brainstorming process enables us to transform our customers’ vision into a realistic idea.

Requirements Analysis

We’ll assess all the functional and technical characteristics your ideated software needs to have. This requirement analysis will enable us to generate a viable blueprint for the proposed software.

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Once the software blueprint is defined, we’ll estimate the resources we’ll need to proceed with the project. By this stage, you will have a clear idea of how long it will take and how much it will cost to create custom software for your business.

Proof of Concept

Are your software ideas and needs practical? To ensure they are, we’ll create a basic proof of concept. This non-functional prototype of your software will cover only the basic product features. The goal of this step is to ensure that we get the look and feel of your software right.

Prototype Design

Now that we have a non-functional prototype of your software, it’s time to give you a basic idea of how the software solution will function. To do so, we’ll create a prototype. This preliminary version of your software will give you a fundamental idea of what you are going to get once the product is ready to be launched.

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Design and Code Review

Our transportation software development
pros will refine the prototype. This time, the focus on the software design and its technical code will be much more stringent. In this stage of the development process, our aim will be to create a standard framework for your ideated software.

UI/UX Design

We’ll build on the operational and aesthetic characteristics defined in the prototype stage. By this stage, our UX research consultant will already have a clear idea of what your software will look and feel like. Making your software’s UI/UX more user-friendly and aligned with your brand
attributes and business needs is the goal of this stage.

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Development and Testing

Our agile project management approach adds speed and precision to the final development stage. By the end of this stage, the code for your custom software will be ready. We’ll have our QA engineers verify its quality and ensure that it’s aligned with your business requirements. They will perform penetration tests, A/B tests, UI/UX tests, and more.

Deployment and Maintenance

We also provide cloud and infrastructure managed services. So, once your custom software is ready, we can quickly deploy it on a cloud or a server of your choice. Or, we can integrate it with other software tools. Post-deployment, we’ll provide continual maintenance assistance. This includes: releasing new app versions, tracking their performance, onboarding workers on the software, and more.

Unleash the Power of One

Ready to have your entire team, work towards a single goal, on one unified platform? Itobuz can help you achieve this goal and unleash the power of “one.” One customized platform. Many functions. Zero worries. Itobuz also provides dedicated:

Renewable Energy Solutions

Blockchain Technology Assistance

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Cloud and Infrastructure Managed Services

UX Research Consultant

Contact us now and we’ll start creating a custom software strategy roadmap for your firm right away!

The challenges

Smart Moving is the US-based well-established Packers and Movers. They had sales, support, logistic, etc department using systems to manage. However, the existing systems were not efficient and many of the processes were manual. There was no real synchronization among the departments due to lack of a centralized system. As a result, the operation was not efficient. So, there was a real need to automate processes and improve efficiency across departments.

Our Approach

Itobuz team carefully analysed existing processes and recommend an integrated single platform with multi- levelled and typed users for all users across departments. Some of the major modules and features are Sales & Opportunity management, Dispatch Management, Support ticketing, Digital Campaign Management, Warehouse management, Accounting, and Analytics & Reporting. The new system improves the efficiency as it helps them to organize, manage and monitor. Besides, they can now interact with the customers via the system and maintain historical data regarding sales and support.

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Testimonial – ” We used to feel our old system and processes were inefficient. However, we did not have any idea where to start with. Itobuz analyzed our existing processes, simplified them and suggested an awesome solution. They divided the implementation into phases such a way that we had a great ease in embracing the new system”

Solutions we offer

  • Freight Forwarders Solution

  • Custom Clearance System

  • Warehouse Management Applications

  • Supply Chain Management Solutions

  • Transportation Management Solutions

  • Analytics

  • ERP

  • Fleet Management Solutions

Segments we cover

  • Logistic Providers

  • Carriers

  • Mail & Expresses