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In this era of upskilling, re-skilling, and continuous learning, any organization can benefit from customized education software development services. If providing education is a key aspect of your business, Itobuz is here to help you probe further into that avenue.

Our education software development company has helped many businesses provide highly-effective digitized education solutions. These solutions have become cornerstones for their businesses in the post-pandemic era. Do you want the same for your organization? Here’s how our education software development experts can help you create customized apps that engage and educate your users.

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Understanding the Art ofEducation Software Development

A normal app has to engage and entertain. An educational app must engage, entertain, and educate. The last part is where things can get tricky for some developers. Not for our education software development team. At our education app development company, everyone follows a simple motto: together we can build anything. You, the customer, form an integral part of what we mean when we say “together.”

Understanding your business model and the audience it aims to serve will be our priority from the get-go. We always start our projects by researching our target users and our core competitors. We use that data to personalize the app usability, navigability, and overall structure accordingly.

Privacy is another priority for our developers. We understand that the content businesses offer via their educational apps has to be kept confidential. So, whether we are developing business training software or e-learning platforms, adding strong security and privacy features is always a must. With this approach to custom education software development, our team can help you build:

Business Training Software

If training is a key part of your business growth strategy, offer it to your workers in the most convenient way possible. Create your custom business training app and deliver convenient e-learning pathways to your team members.

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Academic Software

Dealing with multiple students is much easier when you have direct access to them via custom-designed web apps. We can custom-create an app that makes it easier for you to track, teach, and review your students. More importantly, such an app can make learning much easier and more accessible for your students.

Self-Education Management Tools

Want to give your students new-age tools to cope with the pressure of new-age, digital learning ecosystems? We can help you create customized self-education management apps. Your students can use these apps to combine offline/online
learning, practice self- education, and receive personalized assistance based on their specific learning challenges.

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E-Learning Platforms

If you sell high-quality courses or have created an online educational ecosystem, take your efforts to a new level. Itobuz can help you create an app that offers users features like one-on-one video coaching, chat spaces, forums, etc. Expand your e-learning brand via this ever-improving app.

Language Learning Apps

While apps like Duolingo are making the most of globalization, this market still has plenty of room for innovative solutions. If you have innovative language learning solutions, our education app development services can help you present them to the world. You can sell language course programs, provide one-on-one video training apps, and do a lot more for your students via a customized app.

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Cloud-Based Educational Tools

Itobuz is a dedicated cloud service provider. We have years of experience integrating the latest cloud technologies with our education app development services. So, if you want to launch cloud-based apps, web apps, and other learning solutions, we are here to help you.

Skill Assessment Apps

If reviewing applications, going through test papers, and performing skill assessments are key aspects of your business, we can help you digitize them. Itobuz can develop apps that automatically assess student performances after they submit their tests.

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Your Roadmap to 360-Degree Education App Development Services

Itobuz has a powerful tech stack for developing and delivering customized education apps. Here’s how we will leverage this stack to materialize your app development goals.


Share your vision with our developers. Our education software development team will use these initial discussions as the foundation of our project.

Feasibility Study

Our developers will study your competitors, review the proposed app, and determine the viability of your vision.

Requirements Analysis

What types of features do you need your educational app to have? This requirement analysis stage will allow our team to finalize all the core features of your app.


Once all features, ideas, and requirements are clear, we will provide accurate estimates on how much time and money we will need to successfully go ahead with the project.

Proof of Concept

We will create a basic non-functional prototype of your proposed educational app. Getting the core design and technical features of your app right is the goal of this stage.

Prototype Design

Let us convert your non-functional prototype into a functional one! We will share multiple preliminary versions of your app and lock in the one that you like the most.

Design and Code Review

Now that your educational app is shaping up perfectly, we will refine its code and build a strong, updateable framework.

UI/UX design

By now, your app is almost ready. Perfecting its UI/UX design is the only major task left. Our UI and UX designers will complete this stage in total collaboration with your brand representatives.

Development and Testing

We follow an agile project management approach. That means by this stage, your app is almost developed. Once our QA engineers perform a long list of tests and make necessary refinements, your educational app will be good to go!

Deployment and Maintenance

Now, your customized educational app is ready to be deployed. We can launch it on a cloud or a server or integrate it with other pre-existing software tools. Post-launch we will keep tracking its performance and releasing necessary updates.

Itobuz: Your One-Stop-Shop for Education Software Solutions

High standards of data safety and code quality have made Itobuz a leading education software development company on a global stage. We aim to fulfill this responsibility by providing education software development services that boost our customers’ standing in the education industry. If you are planning to launch your digital education products, allow us to be your partner. Contact us now and let us start the conversation!