Yes, Itobuz welcomes you to try our services. All our demo projects have succeeded in continuing after the demonstration of a demo/ pilot project.
    Most of our clients are Small businesses, Startups, ISVs, Clients with medium-sized projects, and SMEs. We have served almost all industries including education, Renewable Energy, Transportation, Logistics, Media, Entertainment, Healthcare, Finance and Economy, Automotive, Food & Beverage, etc.
    Yes, this flexible option of managing a team of your own is also available for our clients.
    Itobuz’s expert resources cost more than hiring freelancers or a novice team. Our services come with benefits that include accelerated learning ramp-up and faster time to software delivery. We use parameters like Units of work, cost per unit, and project complexity to estimate the total cost.
    Yes, Itobuz will provide you with an industry expert project manager only dedicated to your project. They will plan, organize, monitor, execute and bring the project to close successfully.
    We have world-class teams of technical talents and IIT graduated CEO and CTO. Itobuz provides customized solutions on the uniqueness of each business and acts accordingly.

    Itobuz Technology is helping tech startups and businesses through innovative digital strategies to overcome the financial challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    We have been helping Enterprises and Startups to develop their business activities, reduce cost, and to achieve better ROI. We are also giving industry-specific solutions on how entrepreneurs can tackle the change to overcome challenges.

    It depends on the size and type of project. Mainly fixed price model is preferred by the small or medium scope and short-term projects. But for big projects, our clients prefer hourly and monthly based engagement models.
    Itobuz follows a fast, effective, and client-centric onboarding process. Our engagement process includes initial discussion on the project, scope to decide on the business USPs and risks. The next phase includes technical discussion along with resource identification. After deciding on the KPIs the project documentation is made followed by the Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA], the master service agreement [MSA], and the Statement Of Work [SOW].
    Yes, you can hire only a single resource for every team like the front end development, design, backend, testing and project management. We also offer optimized resource solutions for early project completion without stretching the budget.
    Itobuz believes and works with transparency. Every communication is passed between our clients and our services. There is no additional cost or hidden charges quoted by Itobuz. For any such budget expansion, our business experts always get in touch with the clients to communicate each and every detail of the project.
    Our project managers and business analysts will provide you regular project status reports. We use a combination of methods like emails, chat messages, and ad-hoc meetings like teleconferences, or live chat.
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