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SKU stands for Stock keeping unit. It is a Scannable Bar Code is used by retail logistics companies that help vendors automatically track the movement of inventory.
Itobuz Technology is a top-rated logistics software development company offering a complete end-to-end solution for small to large logistic companies. Powerful features of Itobuz's Transport and Logistics Software and App solutions are:-
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Transport Management Systems
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • Custom Enterprise Logistics Solution
  • Vehicle Management Solutions
Being one of the most trusted companies for transport and logistics companies, Itobuz utilizes all the trending technologies to build a robust and smooth solution to streamline your business. Logistics software can help your business to consider all forms of transport mediums and leverage the data to automate all the processes. This helps business owners to make relevant decisions for reducing customs, maximum efficiency, and rise your customer satisfaction.
Below are the terminologies used in the market:- A. APS - Advanced Planning Scheduling B. ASN - Advancement Shipment Notification C. ASRS - Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems D - Cycle Time - It is the measurement of the time taken for a unit of the product received, manufactured, and finally shipped. E. 3PL - Third Party Logistics
Bonded warehouses dedicated area of the facility which lets businesses store their goods closer to their foreign customers for faster delivery.
A software/ an app simplifies the business operation by reengineering the production cycle and allowing it to access important pieces of information quickly. It shares extensive similarities with the Supply Chain Management Software. The set of tools helps businesses to deal with all the transactions, suppliers, and processes.
Itobuz’s advanced Fleet Management Software Solution helps to manage the entire life cycle of transport vehicles for improved productivity and reduced risk. It includes:- A. Fleet Tracking Solutions - Real-time tracking of fleet locations, average time, and speed for delivery. B. System Integration - Our software solutions can be integrated with CRM, payroll and billing platforms, GPS, accounting, etc for smooth process flow and hassle-free deliveries. C. Asset Management Solutions - Managing the fleet assets by Maintaining, preserving, or replacing the goods [for any discrepancies ] throughout the shipment process. D. Fleet Optimisations and Analytics Solutions - Easily managing idle resources, managing the fleets as per requirements. It also comes with an analytics dashboard to analyze the failures and to make intelligent decisions. E. Mobile Solutions - For both mobile and web software and application solutions based on the requirement of the business.
Our professionals decide for the code reusability on the quality, standard, performance factor of the existing software codebase.
Itobuz follows a fast, effective, and client-centric onboarding process. Our engagement process includes initial discussion on the project, scope to decide on the business USPs and risks. The next phase includes technical discussion along with resource identification. After deciding on the KPIs the project documentation is made followed by the Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA], the master service agreement [MSA], and the Statement Of Work [SOW].
Yes, Itobuz will provide you with an industry expert project manager only dedicated to your project. They will plan, organize, monitor, execute, and bring the project to close successfully.
Developing a software application depends on the final product and how it will be used. The project size and complexity are the biggest factors to decide on the estimated time to complete the project. However, a small custom logistics software web solution is usually built-in 20-25 Days. Itobuz’s expert resources cost more than hiring freelancers or a novice team. Our services come with benefits that include accelerated learning ramp-up and faster time to software delivery. We use parameters like Units of work, cost per unit, and project complexity to estimate the total cost.
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