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We provide end-to-end solutions in Mobility. Our expertise and experience both in Enterprise and Consumer Mobility help Enterprises switch to Integrated Mobile platforms both for their workers and customers. These increasing Mobile workers help Enterprises to continually look for a competitive advantage.


On the consumer Mobility front, we focus User Experience and performance most. Be it a SAAS platform or just an E-commerce portal, our Mobility team focuses on understanding consumers and create an awesome experience.
Even some of the companies still operate through their central office environment but most of the corporations are challenging this norm to rise in the remote workforce. Deploying mobile enterprise solutions can boost employee productivity and reduce processing costs.

Itobuz’s Enterprise Mobility Solution includes:-

  • 1. Bimodal IT Approach.
  • 2. Amazing User Experience.
  • 3. Real-Time Connectivity and Analytics.
  • 4. Cloud Storage.
  • 5. Secure and Centrally Moderated Data Infrastructure.
  • 6. Smart and Robust Support.
  • 7. Event-Driven Approach.

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Enterprise mobility is a technology solution for organizations and their employees to work remotely and use their mobile devices securely. It helps business heads to stay connected to their business, their employees, and critical business functions regardless of their locations.
The business working model has changed since Coronavirus has hit the world. The major problem that all types of companies were facing is to manage their employees and a smooth workflow. The complete transition of Work from office” to “Work from anywhere” is made possible due to enterprise mobility solutions. It can be categorized into:
1. Mobile Device Management,
2. Mobile Content Management,
3. Mobile Application Management, and
4. Mobile Identity Management.
We provide customized enterprise mobility solutions for our clients. Itobuz’s enterprise mobility solution includes:-
1. Native Mobile Enterprise Solution
2. Cross-Platform Enterprise Solution
3. Custom Management Software
4. Rigorous Security Testing
5. Custom Enterprise Solution
6. Real-Time Operation Management
7. BYOD Solutions
8. Identity & Access Management
9. Mobile Expense Management
It makes the office work a portable thing, for both management and employees. The benefits it provides are:-
1. Better Customer Interaction
2. Productivity Gains
3. Allowing employee working flexibility
4. Improved ROI
5. One app for all
6. Endless new possibilities
7. It helps in business continuity planning
8. Keeping up with the competition
9. New revenue opportunities
After a thorough investigation and feasibility study we go through the following phases to build a successful app:-
A. Deciding on the features list.
B. Market research and identifying the target audience.
C. Pinpointing the monetization strategy.
D. Creating a rough sketch and wireframe.
E. Completing the UI/ UX.
F. Get the app developed and tested.
G. Helping the app to get into the market.
Developing a software application depends on the final product and how it will be used. The project size and complexity are the biggest factors to decide on the estimated time to complete the project. However, after analyzing your business requirement we will get back to you in 24 hours with the proper cost estimate.
Itobuz’s expert resources cost more than hiring freelancers or a novice team. Our services come with benefits that include accelerated learning ramp-up and faster time to software delivery. We use parameters like Units of work, cost per unit, and project complexity to estimate the total cost.
We have world-class teams of technical talents and IIT graduated CEO and CTO. Itobuz provides customized solutions on the uniqueness of each business and acts accordingly.
Yes, Itobuz will provide you with an industry expert project manager only dedicated to your project. They will plan, organize, monitor, execute, and bring the project to close successfully.
Itobuz Technology is helping tech startups and businesses through innovative digital strategies to overcome the financial challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic. We have been helping Enterprises and Startups to develop their business activities, reduce cost, and to achieve better ROI. We are also giving industry-specific solutions on how entrepreneurs can tackle the change to overcome challenges.
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