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App monetization in 2021 – Guide with 10 strategies.

If you are developing an app, turning it economically viable is the stepping stone of your long business journey. App monetization is how a user base can be leveraged into a way for developers to earn money from the app. There are several app monetization methods. While analyzing the possible ways to employ, you need […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Build An App in 2020?

It’s not a surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving day by day. In 2020, the number of smartphone users surpasses 3.5 billion around the world, which is a number that has doubled over the past few years. What’s everyone doing on their phones? Well, according to the latest data they spent 90% of […]

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Why Outsourcing Software Development Companies to India is the Best Idea in 2020?

The best state of the art technologies combined with powerful talent and excellent economic growth makes India a phenomenon across the IT outsourcing hubs in the World. With a 150$ billion of the outsourcing Software Development Companies and having a growth rate of 10-15% per year, India is leading its way in comparison to its […]

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