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The Idea with the Challenge

MyMuscleChef is one of the leading Frozen Food Delivery company for health Conscious people in Australia. The main objective was to build an application with Online Ordering and delivery system for athletes and others who want to have healthy food for their muscle but don’t have time to cook for themselves. However, the major challenge was how to create the trustworthiness of the application as many people might doubt the healthiness of frozen food initially. So, we had to come up with some innovative feature here.

The Solutions

After doing some research, our team formulizes some measures. One of them was to integrate third-party product review system so that customers can provide their feedback and ratings, and that can be showcased on the website to build the credibility. This application is integrated with Map for delivery location search.

As they started distributing meals via stockists, we created a vendor management system with a reporting system for them where registered partners can be part of their system.

The Upside

It is now one of the most liked website on Healthy Food delivery market in Australia with over 20,000 active customers each year.

Itobuz can help you avoid the pitfalls and potholes on your path from startup launch to a successful and established business.
Incredible features that our Health app development solution offers:-

  • ⚕️Compatibility and Synchronization of the devices
  • ⚕️ Step-Counter/ Pedometer
  • ⚕️ Food Tracker/ Calorie Counter
  • ⚕️ Water Intake Tracker
  • ⚕️ Sleep tracker
  • ⚕️ Location Tracker
  • ⚕️ Personalization
  • ⚕️ Gamification
  • ⚕️ Leaderboard and Chat
  • ⚕️ Push Notification
  • ⚕️ Online Consultation
  • ⚕️ Heart Rate Monitor

According to Statista, the number of users using fitness apps worldwide is expected to reach 378.7 million by 2021. mHealth solutions given by Itobuz Technologies are:-

  • 🧬 Education and awareness.
  • 🧬 Diagnostic and treatment support.
  • 🧬 Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking.
  • 🧬 Healthcare supply chain management.
  • 🧬 Remote data collection.
  • 🧬 Remote monitoring.
  • 🧬 Healthcare worker telecommunication and training.
  • 🧬 Telehealth/ Telemedicine.

Itobuz Technologies is a healthcare IT company providing specialized healthcare technology & business software development services, consulting, and medical IT solutions.

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Great work by a great team of designers and developers. They were eager to understand our objectives and suggest accordingly during the product development phase

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  • Application for Smart Devices

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