Itobuz Technology builds robust, secured, and scalable food and beverage software solution suitable for any business volume. Our solution includes:-
  1. Food Product Development Software
  2. Food Manufacturing ERP Systems
  3.  Food Production Management Software
  4.  Food Manufacturing Execution System
  5. Food and beverage enterprise asset management software
  6.  Advanced Routing Software
After a thorough investigation and feasibility study we go through the following phases to build a successful app:-
  1. Deciding on the features list.

  2. Market research and identifying the target audience.

  3. Pinpointing the monetization strategy.

  4. Creating a rough sketch and wireframe.

  5. Completing the UI/ UX.

  6. Get the app developed and tested.

  7. Helping the app to get into the market.

You will have total control of the project. You can add, edit, and remove features as per your requirements.
We offer software solutions for Food processors, distributors, manufacturers, and producers.  Our software solutions are applicable for:-  
  1. Fresh Produce and Farming

  2. Meat, Seafood, and Poultry

  3. Beverages

  4. Bakery

  5. Sauces and Dressings

  6. Spices and Ingredients

  7. Dairy

  8. Confectionery

      • Snacks

      • Frozen and Prepared Packaged Foods

We provide customized software solutions for our clients.
  • Food Delivery Aggregator,
  • Food and Beverage Service management
  • Food Distribution Software
  •  Grocery Delivery Software
  • Quality Management Software
  •  Food/Recipe Web/ Mobile App
  •  Inventory Management Solutions
  •  Kitchen Management Software
  • Order Management Solutions
  • Food Inventory Mobile App
  • Food and Beverage ERP Software Development
  • Warehouse Management Software
Developing a software application depends on the final product and how it will be used. The project size and complexity are the biggest factors to decide on the estimated time to complete the project. However, a small custom food and beverage software solution is usually built in 20-25 Days. Itobuz’s expert resources cost more than hiring freelancers or a novice team. Our services come with benefits that include accelerated learning ramp-up and faster time to software delivery. We use parameters like Units of work, cost per unit, and project complexity to estimate the total cost.
As the software application owner you will have complete ownership of the app control panel. You can easily manage customer details, orderings, payments, food stocks, invoices, and many more.
You can customize your software solution through the provided application’s dashboard customization features. You can modify the application features o request. For further support, you can call us anytime. We will be happy to guide you.
Yes, you can easily do it through the application dashboard settings and update the app content. If you require any custom change, you can contact us anytime. We will be happy to guide you.
Itobuz follows the customer-oriented approach. So we ease out the checkout process for your customers with distinct payment options such as Cash on delivery, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and other options.
Yes, Itobuz will provide you with an industry expert project manager only dedicated to your project. They will plan, organize, monitor, execute, and bring the project to close successfully.
We have world-class teams of technical talents and IIT graduated CEO and CTO. Itobuz provides customized solutions on the uniqueness of each business and acts accordingly.

Itobuz Technology is helping tech startups and businesses through innovative digital strategies to overcome the financial challenges during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We have been helping Enterprises and Startups to develop their business activities, reduce cost, and to achieve better ROI. We are also giving industry-specific solutions on how entrepreneurs can tackle the change to overcome challenges.

It depends on the size and type of project. Mainly fixed price model is preferred by the small or medium scope and short-term projects. But for big projects, our clients prefer hourly and monthly based engagement models.

Itobuz follows a fast, effective, and client-centric onboarding process. Our engagement process includes initial discussion on the project, scope to decide on the business USPs and risks. The next phase includes technical discussion along with resource identification. After deciding on the KPIs the project documentation is made followed by the Non-Disclosure Agreement [NDA], the master service agreement [MSA], and the Statement Of Work [SOW].

Solutions we provide

E-commerce Applications

Inventory Management Solution

Warehouse Management Solution

Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship Management Solution

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