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The challenges

Cryptocurrency arguably the future mode of Transaction. It has a great potentiality to overturn the traditional currency system. This has made visionaries and business people launch new crypto coins and tradings are being on popular exchanges. People are very keen to invest in these currencies, but they did not have enough information and knowledge to make a smart investment decision. As many new cryptocurrencies are being launched frequently and the numbers are increasing, It has been difficult to keep track of all of them from different sources

Our Approach

Itobuz’s blockchain and cryptocurrency strategists discussed researched to understand the kind of information a common investor looks for about any currency, the industry trends etc. After discussion with the client, Itobuz proposed and developed a single online platform where users can find updates on currencies real-time via third-party integration into this single platform. This platform provides for currency comparison, notification and much more. The platform processes and organizes the data to give intelligence reports for the users to make a better-informed investment decision.

This soft launch has been helping CryptoKeen users, subscribers, rapidly now and there is huge potentiality to go for full-fledged.

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We are overwhelmed to see their knowledge on the recent trends and development about cryptocurrency. They are bunch of people loaded with domain expertise and technological proficiency

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