Statistical Analysis On Business Process Automation
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Digital transformation is the key to thrive in this ever-changing business climate. Here the solution is called Business Process Automation. BPA plays a fundamental role in driving transformation across the business world. It leads to enhancing QA and enabling agility, control, productivity with driving down costs. Irrespective of the industry type, business process automation software can bring a lot of advantages and gain an edge over the competition.
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What is Business Process Automation?

Business Process Automation (BPA) is allowing complex business processes to automate day-to-day functions by using advanced technology. It helps to bring many business benefits including minimizing costs (can cut operating costs up to 90%), increase productivity, and streamline processes, etc.

It can be defined as:

BPA = Automation of Process and Workflows + Real-time Data Management

Simply, it goes beyond traditional data management and records to advance software systems that integrate all your applications. From human resources to marketing, a business automation model can have a great impact to accomplish an overall organizational goal.

What are the benefits of automating the processes in enterprises?

Business process automation software minimizes the strain of tedious tasks and helps you increase the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes. The benefits of business process automation are limitless. Here are some of the many noteworthy benefits of the business processes automation tools.

  1. Improve Productivity:
    Productivity is an evident benefit of automation. The correct process automation software takes care of day-to-day recurring activities. It helps to streamline the workflow automation of small businesses, and you can work on items that add more value to the business.
  1. Reduce Cost:
    Automating tasks reduce the strain of repetitive tasks and it means your business would have fewer manual errors. This creates an availability of saved man-hours, your employees can focus more on creative tasks and innovation. So, business automation is a great approach to reduce the costs associated with many stages of your business and increase profitability.
  1. Improvement of Customer Satisfaction:
    A business process automation software helps with increasing customer satisfaction. Because it ensures customer requirements are not forgotten. Business automation helps to compile and utilize all kinds of data about your customers and can better understand the needs of your customers. It also provides uninterrupted service to the customers with more accurate and consistent products and the quality of service. On the other hand, it will make your customer happier and enhance the reliability of your entity.
  1. Increased Accountability:
    Repetitive tasks do not add much value to the organization. The benefit of a business process automation system is workflow reliability by minimizing human error. It also helps the employees to view clearly defined workflows and to perform the job more efficiently. This in turn leads to superior business strategy and ensures that processes essential for corporate governance are executed accordingly.
  1. Less Time in Task Execution:
    Execution of tasks in less time is a key benefit of automating manual processes. Business process automation solution will help you to do regular monotonous and repetitive tasks such as bill payments, report generation, analytics, planning, etc. Without worrying about these tasks, you can use free up time on important proposals and agendas for high-value work. Integrating automation can also eliminate the likelihood of error in every aspect of the business process.
  1. Greater Internal Communication:
    Organizing and handling complex project tasks dynamically and intelligently is an obvious advantage of automation. You can deploy business process automation tools in your business’s cross-functional environments so that employees can get a much clearer picture of what’s developing. It can also lead to a system of better performance and maximize the output of the employees.

    Business automation or digital transformation is an important method to gain quicker insights into your business. It can permit you to maintain control over all sides of your business. It also helps to reduce operational costs, save time, increase efficiency, and enable more innovation. Therefore, to prevent wastage of resources, startup owners should consider incorporating business process automation solutions.

How Corona Virus affected different industries and how business process automation has helped many startups to boost their productivity?

The impact of COVID – 19 (coronavirus) on the economy around the world is really worrisome. The world has not witnessed earlier such epidemics and emergencies. And, industries are confronting a different kind of menace.

  1. The logistics sector, the one responsible for over 20% of the world’s GDP has taken a dip by the effects of Coronavirus on industries. Because people are not interested in buying non-essential things that may cause virus exposure and a threat to their health. And, now around 40% of the companies are suffering from supply chain management issues.
  2. Food and beverage industries have also been affected by Coronavirus spread across nations. They had to deal with the problems like low demand, shortage of supplies, and workforce management issues during the lockdown period. And, it will take a few more months to get their business back on track.
  3. The industry that is seeing the worst because of coronavirus effects is travel and tourism. The primary reason is crystal clear – due to the lockdown all over the globe, this industry has almost been collapsed. As per a survey report, the total value chain linked to travel & tourism is about to lose around $65.57 billion.
  4. The covid outbreak is also having sweeping effects on many other industries like the aviation industry, entertainment industry, retail industry, real estate industry, and even in the health care sector. Unfortunately, many startups will not be able to survive in this dreadful situation.
  5. In such a scenario, a business process automation solution is providing new hope. Technology adoption is being considered the most profitable strategy as contactless interaction is the top priority nowadays. Trending technologies have come forward with the right solutions for COVID-19 applications.
  6. It helps to prevent people in the areas of detection, disruption management, and operational efficiency. Research shows that about 48% of businesses across the globe started using process automation software to jump-start their economic worth. And, it has been proven to have the ability to boost productivity and generate revenue even during these times.
BPA Software Solution - Itobuz Technologies
BPA Software Solution – Itobuz Technologies

Best Realistic Applications of Business Process Automation:

Automation is changing the way that all kinds of teams do business. An increasing number of businesses are moving forward to business automation to become more productive and cost-effective. Here is a list of half a dozen realistic applications that can be best suited for your business process automation.

  1. Email Automation: Automating your inbox is a great way to reach out to your target audience at a specified time – eliminating the manual process of doing recurrent tasks. It makes your marketing strategy more scalable, personalizes your customers’ experiences, improves your customer retention rate, and serves as an extension of your brand. Which helps in driving visits and generates more revenue.
  1. Human Resources Automation: Without the right technology, operating the task of human resources can be very tough. It lets you automate the approval of leaves and leave periods, the onboarding and offboarding processes, reimbursement processes, applicant sourcing, etc. Therefore, it will help eliminate every form of human error and will provide a faster return-on-investment.
  1. Order Processing Automation: Order processing automation plays a pivotal role in the modern-day enterprise. Incorporating a process automation software helps in enhancing customer experience, creating sales invoices, faster shipping, tracking deliveries, eliminating errors, and efficient logistics handling, and more. Overall, it speeds up order processing, boosts productivity levels, and offers complete real-time control across the business.
  1. Cloud Automation: It becomes a mainstream tech trend as it has the power to revolutionize an entire business. A cloud automation framework is more scalable in every way. It can simplify the business process, cut infrastructure costs, and accelerate the speed of delivery & deployment that improve enterprises.
  1. Chatbot Software Automation: A chatbot is a software application that conducts a conversation (or a chat) with a user via text messages. This AI-based computer program helps to take regular human language input, understand it and provide the most appropriate response to the users immediately. Here are some potential benefits of chatbot – streamlines interactions between people and services, offers a smoother customer journey, reduces cost. This process automation software also improves your business constantly with machine learning.
  1. Retail Automation: Retail automation is often described as the future of commerce. In fact, the global retail business automation market is likely to emerge more than $19.5 billion by 2024. It helps to reduce human error in business operations, inventory management and delivers more value to the customers. Therefore, it guarantees you increased productivity and brings a ton of efficiency to your business.

How a process automated company differs from a traditional company that relies on manual working?

An organization can only reach its full potential when all the processes are as flawless and accurate as they can be. Here comes a comparison between manual business processes companies and business process automation companies.

Manual tasks are not just tedious, it takes time away from employees valuable business building and strategic activities. Manual working can directly impact customer service, profitability and a company may lose growth opportunities.

On the other side, the benefits of business automation often go beyond operational gains. It ensures eliminating errors to a 0% error rate. While consistently delivers 100% accurate data and allows to gain insight with analytics. By automating routine tasks, a company can drive more value, increase productivity and boost revenue. It also enables a better understanding of the processes that best practices are constantly leveraged.

How the business process automation directly affects the sales, productivity, and profit of an organization?

  1. Business process automation signifies efficiency and standardization without sacrificing accuracy or quality.
  2. It can substantially reduce the number of tasks that need to be performed repeatedly and allow you to be more creative.
  3. The internal communication system becomes easier since everyone in the organization is enabled to interact through the system integration. Thus, it helps in speeding up workflows, increasing profitability, and reducing costs.
  4. Automation is also a significant way to establish a clear approval hierarchy and execute governance in your business. In a nutshell, it directly impacts productivity, performance, customer retention, employee morale, and drives real value for your business. Therefore, the rapid adoption of business automation nowadays is no surprise, considering the significant value it can deliver.


Automation is changing the way that all kinds of teams do business. With automated processes in your organization, you can get more efficient, fast-moving workflows and satisfy the needs of its many constituencies to improve well-defined operational efficiency. In conclusion, enterprise process automation is getting a better, more pronounced, and indispensable part of the business in the coming days.