Actionable Insights On Startup Businesses for 2021
Itobuz Technologies – Actionable Insights On Startup Businesses for 2021

If you are looking to start a business, this blog on unique startup business ideas in 2021 provides you with actionable insights.

Startups are becoming the face of the future! Today, a lot of ambitious people desire to start their businesses. They come up in the market with their best startup business ideas and full of confidence. But, being an entrepreneur is a tough business due to many significant risks. The good news is, there are so many innovations, potentials, and opportunities also. So, if you are hoping to hit it big, you need to make sure that your startup idea is easy to start, in demand, and can be profitable. Moreover, your passion, persistence, and dedication will help to create a revolution in the market!

Due to the global shutdown in 2020, the industries have almost collapsed. And, the startup ecosystem was no exception. The impact of coronavirus on start-ups across the globe is worrisome. Many startups faced significant challenges due to the pandemic. They become even more financially fragile which resulted in their growth limitation. Fortunately, many of them have reacted fast and flexibly to it. Thanks to the intervention of technology. The adoption of advanced technologies has helped startups to fight back in such a scenario. Trending technologies have come forward with the right solutions for different startups. It helps to prevent people in the areas of detection, disruption management, and operational efficiency. Now, the start-ups are witnessing a sharp increase in productivity and generating revenue.

Itobuz Technologies – List of 25 unique ideas for startup businesses in 2021

Looking for a list of business startup ideas in 2021? Let’s have a look at some of them which you can implement today!

  • Online Doctor Consultation App:
    In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, many doctors are doing online consultations out of necessity. It helps to reduce the risk of personal interactions, thus minimizing transmission. It is also cost-effective compared to routine care.
    E-health startups are witnessing a significant spike during the pandemic which outperformed all other sectors among startups. The overall growth in online consultation has risen $128.8 million in the last few months, almost 35-70%. And, most of the queries come from people in the age group of 20 – 35.
    Telemedicine is the need of the hour. Industry players are confident that the online consultation process is bound to grow even after the Covid pandemic is controlled. Therefore, investors are showing interest in this space and it is considered one of the best startup business ideas.
  • Remote Working Software Platform Product:
    Managing a virtual team greatly means empowering communication and enhancing productivity with fellow teammates. And, here a remote working software tool comes into play. It offers several benefits from saving precious time to seamless interactions with employees and clients. Thus, it can increase overall team productivity and ensure business continuity.
    During the COVID pandemic, the usage of remotely working software is growing at an increased speed. And, it’s clear that businesses across the globe will look for a great software tool to manage their remote teams and achieve work goals faster. If you’re thinking of a start-up business, you can apply your skills to build a remote working software platform and grab a piece of this profitable market.
  • UPI Payment App Startup:
    A quick and easy way to send and receive money is through the UPI Payment app. UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. Now, if you want to make an online payment, you have to enter all the bank details(like account no, IFSC code, etc). Adding a new payee by typing it all is a long and monotonous process, also it may take up to 12 hours.
    The idea behind the UPI is to do away with all of this. Payments can be made instantly via the app on a mobile device only without entering additional bank information. It has seen spectacular adoption as a P2P payment method on a 24×7 basis. As the businesses are moving a step closer towards becoming a cashless economy, the UPI Payment app startup becomes one of the best tech business ideas in 2021.
  • Delivery Drones and Warehouse Robotics Solution Startup:
    Delivery drones or unmanned aerial vehicles are used to carry packages to a designated area. It may be remotely piloted or autonomous. It can be used to transport healthcare delivery, food delivery, postal delivery, etc. A Drone delivery software solution helps you to get real-time access to flight data and manage the whole process by using a web-based dashboard. It ensures a quicker delivery and the system will be operated seamlessly without an extensive need for human intervention.
    The drive robotics technology is boosting. Nowadays many warehouses are adopting it. It serves plenty of needs and functions, from your sales channels to order fulfillment and moving inventory throughout the warehouse. Demands of warehouse robots are in many industries including apparel, textiles, automotive, electrical and electronics, paper, and printing industry, etc. Robotics solution offers to improve speed, efficiency, and accuracy in your business.
  • Personalized Food Nutrition Tech Startup & Food Planner App Startup:
    Personalized food nutrition and food planner app empowers people to make better decisions about what to eat—at home, at work, and on the go. AI-based apps use varied algorithms to discover the ideal nutrition for an individual. It also includes tools that guide you to well-assorted diets. It can import various recipes from around the web and helps to generate daily meals or to prepare weekly menus. The app offers an experience of general well-being and maintaining a healthy state of balance.
    Living a healthy and fit life is a choice for everyone. Therefore, the popularity of these apps is increasing day by day. Consumers have shown a willingness to pay as they already perceived benefits from these apps. Undoubtedly, it can be one of the unique startup ideas!
  • Print-On-Demand Product Startup:
    Print-on-Demand is one of the most popular and fastest ways to start a profitable e-commerce business. It is a process to sell various designer products (like t-shirts, mugs, books, etc) to your customers on their per-order basis. On-demand printing affords faster delivery, cost-effective and great service with high-quality product customization. It helps to turn the attention of visitors within your niche to your business.
    So, it’s a good startup idea to step into the business world. And, you can manage the work without having to worry about storage and without a hefty investment.
  • Online Therapy App:
    With the outbreak of Coronavirus around the world, treatment through an online therapy app is actively encouraged as an effective and sustainable solution. One can take care of his mental health at home comfort using only a smartphone connected to the internet. It is easily accessible to everyone. But, usually, very beneficial for the people who live in remote areas. It is fairly affordable and also eliminates the costs associated with travel time. Online therapy has been proven to be as effective as in-person therapy in the treatment of several health issues. So, it is growing rapidly as new business startup ideas.
  • Stock/Foreign Currency Trading App:
    Foreign currency exchange (Forex) is the process of changing one currency into another currency for many reasons like business, tourism, etc. This global liquid asset market is incredibly active 24*7, with price quotes changing constantly. And, the stock market deals in shares – the units of ownership in a company.
    The foreign exchange market plays a crucial role in day-to-day trading. So, the stock/foreign currency trading app has become very useful and can make a huge difference to your trading performance.
  • Chatbot App:
    A chatbot is an AI-based software application that conducts a conversation (or a chat) with a user via text messages. Nowadays businesses need superior, round-the-clock customer service for a consistently rising. Therefore, more businesses are incorporating chatbots into their processes to improve business efficiency.
    There are numerous benefits to using chatbots – boosts customer satisfaction, saves time and money. It also streamlines interactions between people and services even outside of normal business hours.
  • On-Demand Fuel Delivery App StartUp:
    Over the past few decades, the fuel delivery business has been digitalized to keep pace with the growing busyness of the world. To save a run to the gas station and refuel one’s vehicle’s tank within the estimated time; the on-demand fuel delivery apps have started to deliver fuel right at the user’s doorstep. Easy registration and order cancellation process, live monitoring, tracking fuel delivery, meter reading, providing promos and offers, pushing notifications, appreciable customer support, showing transaction history – these user-friendly features have helped these apps to gain popularity. And, now they are having a huge customer base. In a word, the on-demand fuel delivery app is a one-stop solution that has transformed the user’s fuel filling experience into a convenient one.
  • Dropshipping Startup Business:
    Dropshipping is a popular and highly profitable business model today. Here, a business doesn’t stock inventory. Dropshipping allows purchasing the item from a third party and shipping directly to the customer. As a result, the seller doesn’t have to handle the product directly and does not carry the cost of warehousing stock.
    A cloud-based inventory management software minimizes dropshipping startup risks. It makes dropshipping easier for new entrepreneurs. This helps to synchronize the marketing and sales campaigns with the supplier’s stock. And, simply getting them to deliver the item straight to the customer.
  • Online Recruitment Platform Startup:
    Hiring the right and top talent is key to every organization’s success in the market. A web-based, easy-to-use recruiting platform software streamlines the candidate acquisition, engagement and provides the organization with end-to-end management. Online recruitment, a fully integrated solution is also known as E-recruitment. And, it is one of the most profitable online business startup ideas. Online recruitment eliminates the time-consuming procedure by simplifying functions like resumes screening, interviewing candidates, shortlisting the candidates, and other spheres. This cost-effective recruiting method assists the recruiters in source and hires the best candidates quickly and efficiently. 
  • Online Homeschooling Platform:
    Online homeschooling is the fastest-growing form of education. And, this is a recommendation of all startup business ideas during the pandemic situation. It is an educational option that can help your kids keep learning away from the classroom. Homeschooling benefits become more widely appreciated including academic flexibility, personalized education, home comfort, and reduced cost. Through the vast array of digital devices and online services, parents can opt for the right online homeschooling platform. This is worth the effort as the kids will be able to enjoy a full-time means of education!
  • Virtually Product Showcasing App Startup:
    Virtually product showcasing plays a fundamental role in driving transformation across the business world. Many leading companies are already incorporating virtual reality to power up their digital marketing efforts. Several factors make a sale through virtual product showcasing apps. It is a great way to reach out to your target audience at a specified time. It allows customers to try on, try out, interact, or personalize their product virtually. Thus, it will make customers more confident in their product selection and enhance the reliability of business entities.
  • Fitness Tech Startup:
    The fitness industry is emerging rapidly worldwide. Technology has played a major role in re-framing the industry and it has seen a great evolution. The fitness tech app tracks the progress of the users by tracking calories and steps, weights, log activities, heart rates, check BMI, etc. It keeps the users motivated and simultaneously monitors their health. By providing personalized meal and workout plans, it can also lead to build better habits and reach fitness goals. And all this is possible staying at home, without going to a gym! The entire thing has paved the way for health tech startups. So, start your fitness tech startup and there will be no going back.
  • Cybersecurity Or IT Consulting Startup:
    Demand for cybersecurity is growing rapidly due to the global surge in cyber-crimes. A successful cybersecurity solution is a combination of technologies, processes, and practices to protect from cyber-attacks. There are varying degrees of what a cybersecurity business does. Mainly, it ensures that the data remains safe, confidential and thus boosts customer confidence. It also protects from various cyber threats like data breaches, adware, phishing scams, ransomware, etc. Currently, every business needs a good cybersecurity solution as the rate of cyber-attacks is becoming extremely alarming. So, if you are planning for a start-up, cybersecurity, or IT consulting start up a lucrative option to go into.
  • Employee Mental Health and Wellness App Startup:
    Employee mental health apps are tools that focus on different aspects of an employee’s mental well-being. During this pandemic, employees face many personal and professional challenges like dealing with the problems of remote work, homeschooling children, financial worries, concerns about the future. These apps offer ease of communication, stress management, cognitive behavioral therapy interventions; thereby contribute to overall mental health. It also helps by reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, benefitting from associated economic gains. The apps mitigate three key hurdles to mental well-being – cost, access, and stigma. Therefore, it helps the companies to improve their work ambiance and culture.
  • Startup Incubator:
    A startup incubator is a collaborative program designed to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. To take part, a startup needs to go through an application process. Myriad advantages including – product making guidance, management support, assist in the capital- are associated with membership in an incubator program. It helps businesses to get a powerful start by providing the resources needed to launch a business. It also eliminates many of the inherent risks that come with a startup. Incubators offer a long-term opportunity and make the business successful on a massive scale. 
  • Virtual Clothes Shopping Software/ App Startup:
    Virtual clothing is fast becoming one of the biggest areas in the startup scene. This new online experience is very appealing and has the potential to change the way we shop. Consumers prefer trying on clothes before buying them. Now, this can be made easier by virtual clothing apps. The apps have many features like virtual try-on, 3D avatars, 3D sketches, and graphics, etc. Customers can try the clothes in a virtual fitting room without a trip to the store. It enables the companies to showcase products more effectively. This also helps customers make a decision and purchase the clothes directly in the app. 
  • Tele-Conference App Startup:
    During the lock-down, people from various fields, regions, and communities understood the importance of teleconferencing. A superfast, live, interactive audio or audio-visual conference among several persons and machines remote from one-another geographically but linked via the internet using their smartphones, laptops, etc. Simplified scheduling, better integration, added security, larger audience facility, recording opportunity, providing tech support via cloud-based help desks, creating a reliable environment by developing business communication – these advantages make it approachable to each and everyone today. It also improves employee attendance, engagement, and productivity. 
  • Large File Sharing Software Startup:
    As technology grows persistently, do the file sizes also. With large file-sharing software, you can share large files quickly, efficiently, and safely. It allows companies better accessibility, seamless collaboration, hassle-free project management, and many more. Therefore, it can greatly reduce workload, time costs, and energy. A large file-sharing software brings convenience and speeds up the business. So, it becomes a significant business idea in 2021.
  • Rent a Bicycle Anywhere App [Go Green Initiative] Startup:
    In today’s polluted world, reducing the use of fossil fuels to make the environment happy and at the same time keep life alive, there is no alternative to bicycles. Bicycle rental apps have come to provide quick and cheap bicycle rides per hour to cruise through the traffic of the urban areas smoothly. These apps come up with innumerable features like easy pick-up and drop facilities, burdenless renting system, namely token system, user-friendly mapping system, showing user flow, and so on. It’s great that these simple and comprehensive apps help people keep healthy, functional as well as maintaining the ecological balance.
  • Pets Monitoring and Social Media App:
    Thanks to technology, we have apps for everything. Pets monitoring app is a recent addition to that list. It helps pet owners monitor the state of health of their pets and coordinate with the veterinarian. The app contains digitized pet records, activity trackers for pets, vaccination trackers, information about symptoms of common diseases of pets. It should also enable you to monitor the pets when on the move, assist in hotel reservations for pets.

    And, pet social media apps are a one-stop place for pet lovers. It offers to connect the right crowd, socialize, and support each other. It also helps to get connected to the best pet services and makes caring for the pet easier. Pet social media apps make the world happier for the pet owners’ community.
  • AI-Based Image Analysis App Startup:
    Image analysis is the process used to enhance, acquire, compress, restore, and extract information from images. And, the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the image-industry forever. AI makes all the features of image analysis possible. Now, this is used in various sectors like – medical diagnostics, face recognition, text detection, self-driving vehicles, retail, surveillance, and many more. The world is discovering its benefits day by day and the market is expected to grow up to $39 Billion by 2022! So, now it is time for you to join the trend and start an AI-based image analysis app product-based startup.
  • Industry Focused Business Automation Platform:
    Automation is changing the way that all kinds of teams do business. Businesses are moving forward to business automation to become more productive and profitable. Automation allows complex business processes to automate day-to-day functions by using advanced technology. It minimizes the strain of tedious tasks, streamlines collaboration, speeds up workflows, increases profitability, and reduces costs. An industry-focused business automation platform helps better manage the business and accomplish an overall organizational goal. 
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We’ve pulled together this list of new business startup ideas. If you are thinking of starting a new venture, you can use these start-up ideas to create your own. Choose a business idea that you are passionate about, analyze your target audience, market, and potential challenges, and start your own business. Follow these steps, and – these start-up ideas help you find success in 2021 and beyond.