Could this be the most dangrous man with Photoshop ever?

Bill Guy, our resident photoshop guru, is a funny dude. Easy going, witty and smart as a whip when it comes
to PhotoShop.

Hell yea!!….he’s even certified with Adobe…you know, certification and letters by his name and all that case that means something to you.

One smart guy. Bill Guy….

Not only that, he has street smarts. It’s one thing to know all things academic,
but Bill knows his stuff when it comes
to WHAT WORKS in the real world.

As we call all attest, those of use who have been attending his webinars:
NoBs PhotoShop With Bill Guy...every second Monday, like clockwork.

JOIN US tonight, for the third installment with Bill Guy…

Yours in photoshop

Robert Provencher

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